Posted by: theacres | October 16, 2010

Street pastors

Some time ago TLL said to me “have you heard of street past? I think it would be just your bag” – I’ve paraphrased a little there, TLL had a proper edumacation and she speaks proper.

I had vaguely heard of them but never paid them any mind, thinking they’d be interfering Christians meddling where they weren’t wanted. However, as I looked into it, it seems that they did a useful job, so I contacted them to find out more.

The more I heard and read and prayed about street pastors the more I felt it was right for me to get involved. I don’t know if I can definitively say I heard the voice of God but it certainly seemed like a good idea. I signed up.

The first thing to say is that I’m impressed with how well run it is. There’s a full and proper training package that’s compulsory before you go out and it’s all squared away with the police, local authorities and other relevant parties. It’s really refreshing to see an overtly Christian organisation being run so effectively.

Anyway I won’t harp on about that too much, check out for more great stuff.

I started my training with a day long session on roles and responsibilities, which was good and even the role plying proved to be useful. Muffins here got volunteered for it, that’s what you get for being hobby and visible! The next session was on drugs and alcohol awareness and the one after that was about sharing the good news of Jesus. All good stuff and hopefully useful for our time on the streets.

As this progresses I’ll try blog the highlights and lowlights of the role, hopefully with tales of God’s goodness and amazing influence in people’s lives!

Stay tuned.


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