Posted by: theacres | April 24, 2011

love wind

Bit of a comedy mishearing for the title, but it’ll do.

a few days back i went to hear Rob Bell speak. It was pretty much a tour to promote his new book “Love Wins“, but it actually turned out to be a pretty decent talk even without reading the book yet.

image of the audience for love wins

If you look carefully you can see me, or more precisely my bright orange tee-shirt.

Anyway, i initially thought i’d write a few of my thoughts about what Rob said, and the answers he gave to the questions he was asked, but i’ve changed my mind. Yet.

Basically Mr. Bell gave a simple gospel message, all the controversy has been a bit unfounded. He wasn’t saying anything that hasn’t been said before. Importantly he’s had the grace to admit that he, the ‘great Rob Bell’ doesn’t have all the answers! shock, horror, awe.

We could, as Christians, do with a bit more of that i think. We’ve got access to the Truth, but we don’t necessarily all have the right idea about what that truth is. The powerful part of what Christ taught is that it’s His love that makes the difference, not our efforts, or any complicated theological shizzle.

I shall be hunting down a copy of the book soon, and will then report back in more detail!


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