Posted by: theacres | June 26, 2011

A rainy night in street-pastor-ville

Rain was coming down in a steady stream as i left the house for my street pastors’ shift, the waterproof trousers were definitely going to be required!

The rain came and went and came back again throughout the night and we all got a good soaking at some point, but there were a remarkably large amount of people out in town, possibly due to A levels coming to an end.  We had numerous encounters with people and each those encounters seemed to take a long time.  There were the two girls who were very worse for wear, one of whom had fallen over while “getting  aquainted” with an even more drunken gent.  They both knocked their heads against a lamppost, but were both unharmed. The other guys on the shift talked to the two girls, while one of them sat on the kerb, and  vommited into the drain.

The precarious nature of their, and the other street pastors’ position prompted me to position myself a bit further down the road to warn taxi drivers and other road users about the danger.  Everyone ended up safe, thank God, when the girls convinced a taxi driver to take them home.

The night wore on and it continued in  similar vein,  nothing momentous happened other than a chp who wanted a big argument about theology.  Fortunately by this time we’d got all six of us out, so he didn’t monopolise all of us. Water and flip-flops (snazzy SP branded ones, no less) were given out to grateful people, and we helped sort out a situation where two girls (sisters?) we fighting.  Their dad came to came to collect them after the taxi marshals intervened.

All in all a busier night than we expected but everyone did a jolly good job.


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