Posted by: theacres | August 18, 2011

News roundup

Well, the boy is in his cot and relatively quiet, TLL is out at a prayer meeting and I’ve caught up on my daily bible readings.  I’ve got some time to do a bit of bloggery, so here goes.

It’s been ages since I posted anything and that’s because I’ve been busy doing all sorts, including flirting with other blogs.  I never said this would be an exclusive blog relationship, I’m sorry if you thought it would be.  I didn’t mean to deceive you…

Anyway, there are some fun things happening and I’ll start with family life.  The boy is now well and truly established as a one year old.  He marked his birthday by taking his first unassisted steps (in crèche at church), He’s also started at the child-minders, got over another tummy bug, become even more willful than he was before, and is astoundingly, astoundingly cute.

His talking is coming along at an incredible pace, I keep getting surprised at how much he understands.  He’s doing all sorts of things like “hi” and “bye” complete with waves, he’ll say “down down” when he’s had enough cuddles, “more” with an approximate appropriate Makaton sign for when he’s still hungry (which is a lot of the time). That’s just some of it, I guess I’m being a standard Dad in thinking that he’s amazing, but He’s Amazing.  I can’t believe how much of  a little person he’s becoming!

It’s still not easy though.  Sleep can be an issue in that he refuses to go to sleep sometimes, in the day and at night. Once he is down he’s out for the count at night now and we’re getting 11 or 12 hour stretches, that lessens if he decides to shout for an hour though!  TLL is trying to adjust to working three days a week – I’m trying to adjust to looking after him for one day a week (three for the next couple of weeks as the CM is on holiday), which brings me to…

Daddy Days.  I’ve had this boy on my own for monday and today and will have him tomorrow too.  He’s been really good, a pickle at times, but good fun.  We’ve not quite got the hang of doing fun stuff yet, it’s been a couple of trips to town and some playing in the lounge mostly but he seems to have enjoyed himself.  I wondered how I’d cope with it all, so I spent some time praying about it. I got the feeling that God has allowed me to have this opportunity and that it’s something a lot of Dad’s aren’t able to do, so I’m trying to chill out and enjoy it.  So far that’s almost working. I got a bit stressy when he wouldn’t go to sleep on monday afternoon, but then decided ‘what can I do about it? nothing’ so just got on with it. I’d still really appreciate any prayers people can send up for us all.  Being the family that God wants us to be is foremost in my mind at the moment.  I think we’re falling short of the mark in some areas (mostly me) and I’d like to allow God to change that.  thanks

It’s good this Dad lark, we get to hang out as boys and laugh when one of us farts.  Brilliant! Sadly he poo-ed and was stinky so I missed what happened at the end of ZIngzillas.  They were going to catch a boat from the island and go on tour, but Tang didn’t want to go.  He went to the glade (accompanied by Alan ‘DJ Loose’ Sugar) and listened to a guy playing bottleneck blues.  That’s as far as I got. Did they do the big zing on the island at coconut number four? or did they go on tour? can anyone enlighten me?

Moving on.  I’ve not become entirely mental, I do still have a grown up life.  Street Pastors has continued apace. Although we’ve not really had any major incidents while on shift there have been numerous encouraging conversations with people.  It’s still really obvious that God is using the teams as a total blessing for people, whether or not they remember the conversations in any detail.  It’s all planting seeds, which someone else can harvest.

I was asked to be a teamleader too, which was exciting.  I prayed about it and felt that God was saying ‘go for it’.  I did the training last week and will be hitting the streets in my TL capacity tomorrow night.  The biggest blessing is that I get to stay with my existing brilliant team.  We’re supposed to have two TLs on each shift and we’ve been operating with just one.  I’ll be stepping up tot fill the other spot, which is reassuring because our current TL is great.  She’s got the right heart for this, and I only hope I can emulate her in that respect. We’ll no doubt do things differently, and with God’s help that will be complimentary.


That’ll do for now.  more updates over the weekend with a writeup of friday night’s antics.  There might be a few A levellers out, unless they’re all out tonight.

STOP PRESS: The boy’s asleep. <phew>


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