Posted by: theacres | April 8, 2013

Spring harvest reflections

The other day it occurred to me that I hadn’t blogged on here in ages, which is pretty shoddy on my behalf.

A few things have inspired me to get back on the keyboard and put down some thoughts. Hopefully by listing them on this relaunch post it’ll keep me honest and inspire to write more than one thing, so here goes.

10resolutions blog
Home for good
Spring harvest (2012 vs 2013)
Changing churches – boring or bonkers?
What is church for?

Maybe I’ll combine some of these, almost definitely the first two, but there’s enough there to be getting on with.

Before getting on to the meaty stuff in later posts, here’s a brief run down of what’s happening in our lives. The boy is now two and half, he’s great and very hard work at times. We’ve left our church and are looking for a new one (which will be explained in a letter post). Apart from that, much is the same.

Right – it’s a daddy day today so I’d better get on with entertaining the child. A walk to the postbox first, methinks.


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