Posted by: theacres | December 8, 2014

Difficult questions

I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon and I’m still no closer to an answer; this post is part prayer, part wonderings, part lament; so if you’re reading, bear that in mind.

We try to pray together as a family each morning, it’s nothing elaborate, the boy climbs into our bed and we give the day to God, nothing flashy, just a few words to start the day. It’s not a miracle cure and today we followed it with a stressy, shouty, morning where everyone got cross.

I picked up our four year old boy from school; he told me that a bigger boy had hit him in the yard. This is not the first time it has happened and the incident itself is probably just what happens when little kids run around mostly unattended. The really sad thing was when we told his teacher; the boy said ‘ I prayed that people would be kind and not hurt me today, and it still happened’


What do you do?

The teacher was good, she said that sometimes even when we pray for things they don’t happen. It’s a perfectly acceptable answer, but it’s still shitty.

The grown up part of me agrees and I know that God is sovereign, but there’s another part of me that thinks ‘he’s four years old, this sucks’. He’s asking in faith and he’s been disappointed. I can’t think of how to address this with him, how do you explain that even though we pray, and we ask God for something, especially if it’s not selfish and seems perfectly reasonable, it might make no difference…

Simple childlike faith is called for in the bible, Jesus wanted the children to come to Him, Forbid them not, and yet…

The boy has taken it better than I have, he’s not mentioned it since but I’m waiting for the question, and I have no idea how to answer in a way that I really believe.

God, You are sovereign, I believe that. Sometimes I don’t think I understand You at all.


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